Reactivating The Human-Canine Heart Connection

“What is most wild in human and canine – heart – is what bonds us.” – Kevin Behan


My name is Amanda and I’m a Dog Behaviorist. For the last 5 years I have been studying and actively rehabbing dogs using a method developed by Kevin Behan. Through his model, Natural dog training, I not only found a solution to helping canine companions and their guardians resolve behavioral issues but also a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the nature of emotions and the role they play in everyday life.

About Me

As a little girl I always dreamed of helping dogs (At 4 I was told I carried around a veterinary textbook that was bigger than me!!) There is no question that my drive to help these amazing animals has always been in me. However it wasn’t until I was faced with the personal challenge of helping my very own canine companion that I was able to learn how to truly be of service.

The best part about having a “problem” dog was that I learned not only how to help him, but also how to help other owners and their dogs. My biggest breakthrough came in the form of my now mentor, Kevin Behan, creator of the Natural Dog Training. By learning and applying his scientific approach to canine behavior I was able to form a bond with dogs that was one of trust and mutual want. This also allowed me to heal their past imprints and traumas which were responsible for problem behaviors like chewing, barking or even aggression.

More Than Best Friends

The most amazing thing I discovered after learning Kevin’s model is that by applying the Human-Canine Heart Connection I have the ability to help people in fields beyond dog behaviors. In the last year I have been asked to advise researchers in their study of Alzheimer’s and its behavioral underpinnings as well as how to modify human trauma programs by activating the unique insight of Kevin’s model. Im excited to be in a place where I can now offer my services and expertise of this unprecedented behavioral approach full time to those in need!!

If your dog doesn’t come when called it is a problem of ATTRACTION (HEART)!! Let me help you develop the most important tool when it comes to trust and safety with your canine.

Building Solutions For Your Everyday Problems


I have found the most efficient and effective way to utilize my unique skill set is by working hands on as a consultant for individuals and businesses in need. Wether you’re an Owner, Trainer or Shelter*, I will work with you to find a solution that doesn’t just work but allows you to thrive.

*For Shelters I do offer the option of training the staff and volunteers while also advising on the over structure of the dogs environment. This helps to reduce stress for both humans and canines inside the shelter as well as setting up adopted dogs and new owners to succeed once out.


My rate starts at $100** an hour. Each Human-Canine Heart Connection is unique and requires its’ own plan of action. After the first consultation together we will come up with a plan that fits you!!

** This rate does not include additional expenses such as transportation.

Some Words From Our Clients

“Our dog,Carter, suffered an accident when he was a puppy and ever since has showed signs of aggression due to the imprinted trauma. Sometimes he is so afraid he reacts aggressively by biting and snapping which can cause a lot of stress. We are so thankful we found Amanda!! With her help and guidance we where able to help Carter feel safe and comfortable without fear of triggering his trauma, because of this me and my baby boy’s bond is stronger than ever!!” ~ Gabrielle GreenBerg , Beverly Hills


When I got Zev I knew she was a special companion but I had a hard time communicating with her and was very much out of my element with a half wolf puppy! Amanda recognized Mine and Zev’s needs and gave us the tools to better understand each other. Since consulting with Amanda the relationship between me and Zev has improved exponentially, especially with recall a very important tool when you have a half wolf pup and you want to keep them safe!! Looking forward to continuing both mine and Zev’s education with Amanda’s help as we take it to the next level ~ Elyaou Bialobos, Topanga


Shelters & Rescues

“I work for a shelter program in Moscow. Our dog Boston was rescued all the way from Russia and we needed someone who could help us with his special behavioral needs (being a street dog in Russia does not prepare you well for life as a pampered house pet). Amanda went above and beyond even driving him to our new home in San Fransisco!! There is nothing she wouldn’t do to make a dog feel happy and safe. She even gave me some tips on how to help our program in Russia. Highly recommend for her unique understanding of canine behavior especially if you have a dog with special needs.”- Yana Yanina, Moscow/San Fransisco

I’m Here To Help!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

Let’s Get Started

I’m Here To Help!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

Let’s Get Started